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Format and Partition

Hi all

Ive got a new HD For My Secondary Computer, the new HD Will be the Slave but i dont know how to exactly Partition and format it, i load windows as normal, look in my computer but it cannot detect the new HD even tho at Boot up it Detects it, it also detects it in Device Manger under Hard Disks, so how exactly do i Partition and Format for a slave Drive?

Please Help

Ste_W :confused:
Through a bit more looking round by clicking the drive in Device Manager the driver for it thinks its only 32GB? it hasnt been formated or partitioned yet at all, also Partition Magice 8.0 thinks its only 32GB as well even tho its and 80GB
Does your Bios detect this hard drive to be 80 GB? If not, you should probably return the hard drive. If Bios does pick it up as an 80, it looks like you'll have to partition this hard drive outside of Windows.

It can be a little tricky, and I haven't done a manual partition with Windows XP. Windows9x systems I know you can partition the hard drive with the command 'fdisk' and following on-screen instructions. Everything is all automated with XP.

So, if you pop in your Windows XP CD and boot up to the CD-ROM, you can go through the pre-install and just reboot after you partition and format the hard drive but before Windows makes the new boot record... so, you're not actually following through with the install, but using the pre-install to partition and format your hard drive.


Just wondering if you have the new one on same cable as old one.

Is it set as 'slave to the master also'?


The Analog Kid
1) It goes back a while, but have you updated the BIOS so it is compatible with higher capacity drives?
2) are you using an 80 pin IDE cable?


Computer Genius
this is almost certainly the 32 GB clip jumper setting :)

double check your jumper settings (you don't want 32 GB clip)

you can partition and format the drive in either Partition Magic, or in Disk Management (Start, run: diskmgmt.msc)

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