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forgot the old name of this site

so OSNN is the newest name of this site, but it used to be XPerience.org, what was it before? or am i getting it confused with something else?
ohh thats what it was. i forgot the middle name. which was the transfer where everyone lost their usernames? i think it was the xp-erience -> ntfs...


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iv been here for all of them but iv only been a forum member for osnn lol
Same here. I think I orginally found XP-erience through softpeida or something like that. I would just browse the forums and read what people would post. I felt like part of the family even though I never talked. :)


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We be like Weebles. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down. :D

Heh heh, just read my location under my Av. Been here every time the Database Monster reared it's ugly head. ;)

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