forgot admin password, now what?


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3 Dec 2002
i put a password on my computer that i cant seem to remember, it's the admin password, and that is the only account i use to login to my computer.

the 'guest' login is not there.

i tried using Restore Console, but that got me to "which windows os would you like to recover?... type in the password" and that was it.

any secrets to unlocking it? sending a message to microsoft seems pointless since they will most likely say they cant do anything because of security risk for the end users.

help! thanks.

called a friend, he brought over this cd. honestly, this was easy as pie. i think i might forget my password again just so i can play with this cd.


The Analog Kid
16 Mar 2002
heh, that's basically what I was gonna suggest. Was gonna say to make a Barts PE disk on another machine and use that

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