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Yeah, quite stunning how they got releases out for every beta and then stop suddenly.

They prob wanna do a joint 8800 and unified driver launch, but they really are taking the piss.

However, with the leaks its good to see the drivers are getting better, I think alot of vendors will be ready for the GA>.

Shamus MacNoob

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We need some real opengl support for the 8800 line there are problems reported all over for the 64bit gamers .... I cant run any HL2 based games , Farcry 64 dead, these games wont ever start.

I love my card the games that I am playing FEAR, OBLIVION NHL07, BF2 all are flying along its an insane videocard ... just needs some real driver support soon.

edit: ET works needed to fiddle settings

edit 2 : If I force DX8 in the launch options then I can run the HL2 games like DOD source and CS source.
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Shamus MacNoob

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bump for the people that might need to know about x64 and 8800gts driver problems with source based games, seems that another person I have talked to with the same BFG card as me also has troubles his blue screens with the latest drivers in source games.

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