Force Unleashed


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What's your take on this game?
I got it for the ps3 and am currently at the part with the Star Destroyer.
It is much harder than they lead on in the commercials or any other reviews, the game as a whole I love, but this part with the star destroyer is ridiculously stupid.


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everything ive heard about the game is kinda bad, I downloaded the demo in my PS3 and I really didnt care for the game play at all. Graphics were a let down, controls were lame, and the whole idea of it was disappointing. Was fun throwing guards around though


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Thats an interesting take. I loved the demo, thought it was simple fun. which is always a good aspect of a video game, I liked how destructive the map is, you can push open doors, windows, or yank pretty much anything off the wall. In terms of graphics, they're no MGS4 graphics but there still good (the wii version looks like crap though), seriously the only bad things for me are this damn level with the star destroyer, and the fact that there is no multiplayer yet. I still love the game, have been waiting for a star wars game for my ps3 ever since the ps3 came out.


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Its just not worth 60 dollars(360, PS3) or 50 for that matter, its full of bugs from what I've read. Personally I am tired of the whole "one man army" theme, its way to over used and shows a sign of no creativity


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Its great fun on the iPhone. I'm tempted to get a Wii as I'd imagine Force Unleashed to be the most fun on that console.

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