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For those who own a portable MP3 player



...I need opinions.

Back in the day I had an Iomega HipZip and the one major advantage of it over most was that it required no further software. Somehow, someway when I tossed it into the USB port, Windows simply saw it as another drive which I could copy and paste MP3's into... [God I loved that]

I've recently tried a couple of portable MP3 players which require their own software (Sony) to transfer your MP3's, and they plain sucked.

So now I seek the advice of you folks to help me pick out a portable MP3 player which connects the way I described above, has at least 128mb of memory (though I feel I should be able to score a multi-gig unit), is fairly reliable, and hopefully costs under $250.

[Yes I've considered the iPod, but it requires its own software...]

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.


hardware monkey
if i was in the market for an mp3 player, i'd get the Creative Nomad MuVo:

it's actually a 128mb usb key drive thingy that comes with an adapter-like thing that clips on and is the mp3 player part. so when you plug it in to you usb port, it pops up as a removable drive.. just what you're looking for. also, sound quality they say is top-notch.

whatever you do, don't get a rio product unless it's the volt. it's a cd-based one (700mb) and is decent.
The MuVo.

It's a really nifty thing.

The Rio Volt, I had for a little while. That was a good CD player. I liked the sound on it, as well as the anti skip.
I have a RIO300 (very early player). The old software won't work in XP. And Diamond refuses to release software for XP! *grrr*

So I definately see the point with a software-less player.


I have a Nomad IIc 64meg internal w/firmware upgrade to support 128meg cards and I have to tell you, the Creative Play Center that is required to trans files to it SUCKS! It is the most useless program I have ever had to waste my time with. Even after the upgrade to Play Center 3, it is still unreliable. Select 10 tracks to transfer and you might be lucky if it transfers 2 before it crashes....

I initially thought this was the result of a problem with my system, but if it is, I cannot find it and the problem has persisted through 3 formats now. On one occassion after a format, I installed nothing except XP and Play Center 3 and still no luck. The error I get says it the player is not connected, as if I had unplugged it in the middle of the transfer.

Too bad the software is so crappy, b/c the player itself is pretty sweet....I wish XP would recognize my player as a drive so I could drag n drop....it would be much easier that way.
Anyone here that says you need to use the Giant Bloated Shiz Creative PlayCentre to transfer files is full of bollocks.
(Sorry Jahya, I didnt see your post before I posted. You are not full of bollocks)

There is a better app that allows you to transfer files to your Nomad (any model) as if it were a removable drive.

This amazing piece of software is Notmad Explorer!
From Red Chair Software

I seriously doubt that you can find a better app to use with a portable MP3 player. It is this software that puts the Creative Nomads highest in my book... No thanks to Creative.

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