For those who might care...:p


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i proposed to my mom to build an arcade cabinet as a summer project, that way we would have something to put in the remoldeled basement of our house...

here's the final result (still missing some stuff, like finishing some edges and decorating it)

PS: thanks to for all the info i needed to get the project done



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virtually any game thats on an arcade platform...mainly classics tho, cuz to run Time Crisis, House of Dead 1/2/3, Killer Instinct, Soul Calibur, etc etc u need a damn friggin fast pc and vid card (and even with that they slow down sometimes).
so far i have like 1000 games in there, an the arcade version of KI works in it, but theres some sound issues with it that are rather annoying...


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Shade2074 said:
Are you running MAME32 (or some other version of MAME)?

By the way, great job! Can you post a final picture when you get it completely decorated too? :)
will do :) should be finished decorating by today (sunday), and if not, by next weekend for sure.

yep yep, running mame32, as well as other console emu's for the snes and nes. i still have to find something that'll let me choose which program to run in the beginning, and as soon as its closed, return to the "menu" so i can choose another one.

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