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for the love of god, help me please


Bronx Bomber

first off, you should probably know this stuff:
Pentium 4 2.6GHz HT Northwood (800MHz fsb)
Abit IC7-G motherboard
Award Bios
WinXP Home

ok, so heres what happend:
i dropped my keyboard the other day. after trying to replug it back into the PS2 port, it didnt work. so, i decided to turn it off, plug it in, and turn the computer back on. so, i do that and it still doesnt work. in fact, during the boot screen, it said "Keyboard not found, cant continue" or something along those lines. So, i turn it off again, plug in a different keyboard(which is brand new) and i start the computer. Now, during the boot screen, after detecting the hdd, cd-rw, and dvd drive, it says something along the lines of "CPU is unworkable or has been changed - Please check the soft menu."
However, if i hit F1, it continues, loads up WinXP fine. Everything seems fine, i dont get any errors or anything.

Soooo, whats the problem and how do i fix it. Cause, it asking me to check the menu is a bit vague.
Does it say the CPU is unworkable every time you restart? Usually, it says that because the CPU is attempting to run at too high of a bus speed. Also, check your processor speed. Has it been lowered?

Bronx Bomber

yea it says it everytime i restart.
yes my proc speed has been lowered. It tells me this on the boot screen.

but heres the thing that gets me: i went in to change the fsb speed from 100 back up to 200(since its quad pumped to 800). however, when i go to change it inside the bios menu, it says that its already at 200mhz and my processor is running at 2.6 ghz.

Bronx Bomber

Ok, thank you guys for the help, but it was just a problem with my stupid bios.

Apparently, even though the menu said the bios speed was at 200(800) and 2.6ghz it was only at 100 and 1.3ghz. so, i just fenagled it and now its back up to speed.

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