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[FOR SALE] Centon 512 MB DDR2 533 Mhz RAM (Notebook)


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I have available for sale one Centon DDR 2 Notebook memory.

The ram according to the sticker runs at 533 Mhz, and is as I have said DDR2. It is 512 MB.

As I am unsure of it's status, I am willing to do the following:

1. Send it out to the person (they pay via paypal) with a $10 deposit
2. They test it, if it works send me the rest, if it does not, I refund the $10.

I am looking for around $30 (without shipping) or so. All money made will go towards funding for university, and books I need for classes.

Pictures are off the ram. Sorry for any problems with the quality. Camera on my phone might be 1.3 Mp, but close up shots look crap.


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