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Can anyone help? I have put in new bios for this board for a friend (so he could use a bigger hard drive). The new Bios version is F3A. Now the pc wont boot at all. When I turn on the pc (dont have to use the button at the front now it comes on when I turn on the psu) it just sits there on a black screen. It doesn't beep and dousn't get to the bit where it detects the hard drives and stuff. Please help.


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Did the BIOS upgrade finish completely, before it was rebooted? If a PC is interrupted by man (physical reboot), or nature (power spike), the machine can be rendered un-useable if touched during a BIOS upgrade.

You could also try re-seating all hardware - RAM/CPU/HDD/NIC/AUDIO and reboot as well. However, that is probably not the case if all you did was a BIOS upgrade.

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This is a tough one , I can see you dont have much experience and flashing a bios should not be taken lightly, now we need much more detailed info to be able to help you , motherboard model and revision number, some bios makers have left backdoors open where you can force flash a bios by making a special floppy and hitting certain keys at boot up , but we need all the details on motherboard and rev numbers to see if that back door is open on yours.


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depending on experience - I might suggest a google of BIOS saviour - think I got that right.... then contact mobo supplier... worst case will be you have to order a flashed BIOS chip from them, unless you have access to EPROM programming gear, and that may be geting you way over your head.

The BIOS savior is what would saved your bacon in this situation for sure....

I feel your pain because it is not your machine. Like Kermit said there can be ways around, but likely road leads to the ending I just gave as your scenario IMHO.

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And some bios chips are not push/pin they are soldered to the damn board its a scary thing for sure.

Ok here

This site explains how to get out of a jam if your Award bios has the option to be force fed then if you make a floppy as they say and follow instructions you might be able to get out of this alive!
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most bioses have a boot-block that will auto-reflash the bios given an msdos bootable floppy set to auomatically flash and reboot.

That doesnt usually get overwritten unles you force it - so read up on how to make use of it and pray.


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Before you do anything else make sure you tried to install the right bios version for that MB brand/model/version.

If it was the wrong version and the machine does not even beep or flash the keyboard lights try reseting the CMOS memory. If the CMOS reset does not get it to beep or flash lights you will probably need to order a replacement bios chip.

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Right bios or wrong he cant make it worse by trying to flash with the correct bios of course but he will need to try and force feed it either way .. its not like he can get the machine to post as it is.


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I was going to explian hotswapping - given he could locate mathching mobo - but Lord just told me these days BIOS chips are all soldered down and I somehow feel I would be giving bad advice to set him onto his mobo with a soldering iron for a truly hot hot swap! :p

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