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For a happy successful life...

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
1. Never question the meaning of life, your life has no meaning, you are just a chemical reaction.

2. Never waste time trying to understand the reason of your existence, your parents where bored of each other, and drunk.

3. If you are having suicidal thoughts, go ahead and kill yourself, no taste delaying the Inescapable.

4. Sacrifice your pet to satan.

5. Always refer to the "Electronic Punk" as "PUNK" , "Punky" , "Punky Pooh" or "Pankooshka".

6.If anyone is trying to give you an advice, close your ears with your hands and scream "Your not my daddy" (even if he is).

7. If anyone disagrees with you , punch him in the face. if he asks what for, kick him in the head.

8. Always answer questions with questions.

9. Participate in family orgies, this will bring your family closer.

10. Don't cry for attention, once you get it, you cant get rid of it.

11. Don't waste your time smoking Marijuana, Inject it.

12. Masturbate allot, its free.

13. Annoy everyone you know, they are not really your friends.

14. Learn a new language, forget the old one.

15. Drink increasing amounts of poison, sooner ar later it will stop effecting you.

16. Call your neighbors at 3am , just to tell him you love him.

17. Kill the pope.

18. Only help those who help them-self.

19. Write useless threads.

20. Don't believe anything you read....

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
OH yeah i forgot.

21. memorize the lyrics of "Oops i did it again", "Come on over", " Backstreet back" and "The white race marches on"

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