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21 Jun 2002
well we had a good converstation going about football/soccer(for the states guys) so I felt like starting a thread just about the sport in general since the other one was focused mainly on Chelsea and I wanted a more general thread to talk about your ideas favorite teams and such.

Have to say my favorite team is Barcelona but they have too much talent to not win. They just don't seem like they give their all most of the time and they just are content with getting their paychecks and trying half-a**ed.

ANother note is the absolutely over-rated David Beckham. Yes he has a good shot but he really is not nearly as good as some of the top players in the world and if he never married Posh Spice he would have never been so famous. Also Real Madrid got him for the money he generates not the games he will win for them. And since his arrival Real Madrid hasn't been as big in the news because he drowns out all of their accomplishments with his paparazzi publicity!...

haha now it's your turn!
Football is a game for gentleman played by hooligans.
Rugby is a game for hooligans played by gentlemen.
Cricket is the best game. It's very political, I always settle political scores on the pitch by bowling bouncers at people I don't like. I also enjoy spanking them around the boundry when i bat. Ha
Football is may favourite definatly, (hey i started the Chelsea thred ;) ) with cricket and rugby following. Never used to be such a big cricket fan but England has made it exciting to watch quite recently :)
i learned last friday not to do a drinking game to highlights of soccer.
drinking a shot ever 30seconds or so is a bad bad bad idea..
I am a reds fan... have been for a long long time :cool:

I love football... my room-mate and I try and catch as many live premiership matches as we can during the week...

rugby's ok... but i basically watch or follow a lot of sports...
?Reds? could be one of many football teams, ManU, Liverpool and many more
there is only one REDS...


manchester is the red devils...

/me smacks indyjones...

get it right :cool:
OWWW! ;)

Mind you I deserve that from a Liverpool support, after practically calling them a Man U supporter :)
Mind you the nicks do get muddled over here as for example Man U realeased a single called into the charts which went "come on you reds" plain horrible, but shhhh we dont want to Toughgong4 going he is a manu supporter :)
I have to point out here that Chelsea have got 5 players in the England squad :D which is great especially after all the flack we used to recive for have very few English players :)
well since I'm from the states when I heard reds I thought of baseball. I played for my whole life. That and football/soccer of course. Also since I'm from Chicago we have a decent American Team called the Chicago Fire playing pretty good soccer for the MLS but I dont' even know why I said that MLS really stinks
indyjones said:
Man U realeased a single called into the charts which went "come on you reds" plain horrible

OI!! There was bugger all wrong with that song :D (me actually being serious by the way and I'm not in anyway biased of course :D)
everyone wants to be like liverpool :D

one of the most succesful football teams ever... domestically and in europe :D

other than perhaps real madrid...
The MLS... I know theres luxembourg :D

I'm a Liverpool fan to :) although we're having a pretty bad time of it at the momment. Got dumped out of the UEFA Cup by a dodgy refs call

Fighting for 4th place in the league, hopfully we can hang on for a Champions League place. I reckon Houllier will go in the summer
GH and PT both deserve the sack IMO... they shoulda gone last year itself..
Sazar said:
everyone wants to be like liverpool :D

one of the most succesful football teams ever... domestically and in europe :D

other than perhaps real madrid...

Well in 1978 I returned from living in Germany. I never had a team, most either were Newcastle or Fulham fans as the army kids parents where from West London or Newcastle. Myself I was from New Addington, Croydon Surrey, the local team was Crystal palace (my fathers team), he didn't take me, as my Mum said there was too much violence. The first team I saw I liked on TV was Arsenal in the semi's of the fa cup against Leyton Orient.
(There is a moral be patient.)
I do remember watching the 71/72/73/74/75 fa cup finals and I think the 77, not sure on that, I was very young, born November 1968, so hard to remember being a child. I saw a god playing called Liam Brady, I feel in love with Arsenal from that day till I die. I didn't know what division they were in, nor where in the country they were situated, of course I eventually found out after Roger Osbourne scored for Ipswitch town under Bobby Robson, to win fa cup 1-0, which they hit post 4 times and we should have lost by 6.

This is it, now OK, I went through senior School with Spurs fans and Liverpool fans, abusing me because I stuck to my team, I went to School in orpington kent, how the hell they support a team in fa cup final, spurs v man city, then spurs v qpr and Liverpool. Glory hunters, thats what they are.

Thats why i made the comments in another post, about suddenly so many Chelsea fans crawl out from under their stones when they're doing well. It's like the old gaff about City fans come from manchester, utd fans live in Essex, first and foremost I also support Plymouth Argyle, where my eldest son lives, with his mother. I take him there sometimes when visiting. I don't support them with the same passion as I do Arsenal, when I have take faeces, abuse been spat at, called rude names and even been told I should support some other glory hunting team. That's when you're a true supporter of a team, when you have the up most love and you cry yourself to sleep (not like a baby I may add) even at 35.

I notice now a lot of kids where I live, when taking my two to school, now sport Arsenal and Chelsea shirts, the odd Charlton and Gillingham also. 10 years ago those kids would have worn 70% Man U, 25% Liverpool, 4% Arsenal, 1% others.

20 years ago they would have been 99% Liverpool 1% rest. I can't stand glory hunters. If I was born again i wish I never seen football, nor got this so depressed and passionate about it.

Though my real love is Cricket, having had trials for Kent and Surrrey as a kid. I played Good league football trialed for Charlton. When you reach my age running around is the last thing you need. I enjoy, cricket now, but I still adore Arsenal, not pleased they're not the team i once knew, won't complain about too many Frogs in the side, as when i feel in love with them, they were mainly Northern Irish players and manager Terry Neil.

I just wonder in 10 year and maybe 20 if kids will follow the same trends.
liverpool was the first football team I ever supported whole-heartedly and I have now done so for around 20 odd years :cool:
Hey good well, story Lee It’s just a tad longer than your average post ;) I agree with what you say glory hunting sucks, I remember a load of kids changing their colours all the time with who ever was winning, be it Spurs (back in the day), Liverpool or Man U while I still at school a long time ago now. It’s interesting that people have started following Chelsea as they were always much of an under-dog team.
The changes at Chelsea are mental, I mean they had to get in the play offs for Europe last year just to makes ends meat money wise but now? I have not seen the glory hunters really but then being at uni, in a university town you don’t see soo many kids about then I guess I would see the glory hunters.
Arsenal are not a team I partially dislike, as Henry is in my opinion a quality player showing high pitch maturity, and a refreshing modesty for footie players. Where as Leeds (sorry if I offend) but go down go down go down bunch of animals that they are!

As for cricket old beefy Botham is still one of my sporting heroes and it remains a crime that cricket politics prevented him being England’s manager.
not sure if I just watched a live match or taped since I'm in the states but Monaco just took care of Chelsea 3-1 at Monaco and Monaco was down a man since the 53rd minute. I couldn't believe what I just watched. After Monaco went one man down Marco Ambrosio gave a up a rocket to Morientes in the top nearside corner which in my mind a goalie should never be beaten nearside and then an incredibly weak goal by Nonda and it was his first touch of the game. The only good I see coming out of the game is that Chelsea had an away goal. It was a very weak performance by Chelsea!

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