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Ok time to show us your skins, i only have 2 and need a change, and yes i have searched, been all over deviant art and such.
Here is another one of mine ...


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I like the ibiza theme, only thing is that it won't work with the latest version of foobar, unless they update it ..
I tried everything. Foobar crashes every time I try to load it ... It must be the components then. I wonder if any of the themes I use will work with yours?
i just grabbed the files from that page and am using those components
o.k They are different and they won't work with what I have ... So if I do add it the other ones will crash ..
if the themes you are using us panelUI then yes that might the issue as i don't think they are supported past 0.9.5
None of the themes I tried to use use panelsui. They all use columnui .... Depending on the components will determin if they work or not ...
here's one of the default themes i am using now, i tweaked it a bit though, seeing as something was messing my tags up :(
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Here is another one of mine:


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