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    Fixed it.

    If your wondering how I fixed it I booted up my laptop using a program called erd commander. Copied the font files onto my thumb drive and .reg file for fonts located in hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows nt/current version/font then i loaded up erd commander on my desktop and applied the .reg and copied the fonts from my thumbdrive to desktop. booted up and everything solved.
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    I installed a font package a while ago that installed 4000+ fonts but I recentaly uninstalled them. The only way I found to this was to boot into a program outside of windows like linux. So I deleted all my fonts copied the default ones from a network computer. Everything is fine excpet for some stuff is messed up. Like radio buttons on certain things. Like the screenshot below. I know I am missing some type of font that windows need to display certain thing such as arrows and stuff.