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Not sure what can be done about this; but I've been taking Japanese of late, and as such have use for multi-lingual support. As such, I made the necessary modifications to get both Japanese as well as English (of course) support in winXP. This is handled through the included IME (considering the fact, that I do, of course have a US keyboard).

For the most part, things have worked OK as I can input from both languages, all except Azureus (which initially did switch to Japanese display upon the next load, though I was able to manually set it back to English where it remained). Some programs upon first loading, if they check language settings will install as Japanese but can be set back to English.

The only thing I haven't seemed to be able to work out, is some of the font size issues. It would seem a different set of fonts is used in many places (which has support for both character sets), as text in various programs does appear a bit different. Doesn't really matter, except when I can't read the text.

In both these programs, there are instances (in Outlook Express) the header information (and also the abreviated version of it that appears in the upper right window to allow one to select the message to view) appears fairly small. It's not exactly unreadable, but is difficult to read... The message body for emails does appear in a more readable (and normal) font size, so isn't difficult to read. Same for the portion that allows one to select the email folders and accounts. It seems to be just the headers.

In the case of IE, most web pages are viewable, but some, the displayed font is so small (even bordering on font size 5 or smaller in one case), that reading it was next to impossible. Mozilla displayed it fine... Most web pages do appear in a readable font size however...

Anyone know of a means to increase font size in these selected cases in these programs? I do have some need for Japanese support, so setting it all back to a mono-lingual English setting really isn't an option...

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