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Font folder in Windows XP too full?


Not all there...
:suprised: I'm receiving conflicting reports about whether or not having too many fonts in your font folder can cause problems. As a graphic artist, I have to use a LOT of fonts.

The other day my computer started freezing up in Illustrator, and the only changes I had made to the system were the addition of fonts to the font folder. I found there were over 700 fonts in there. I reduced it to under 650, and didn't have any more problems, so that leads me to believe it IS an issue. (This is all news to my MIS department.)

I have read that the length of the font names can increase the "data load" for the system as well.

Would using Adobe Type Manager alleviate these problems? I used it all the time when I was using Macs, but don't know if it will help in Windows XP.


OSNN Advanced
Having too many fonts on the system slows the machine down.
It would be advisable to keep the number of files to a minimum - get rid of the ones that you or the system don't use.


Tweaking Monkey
What you need is a Font Manager, such as Adobe Type Manager or others you can find here

As a graphics designer, you should know better ;)

All you need to keep in your Fonts follder is the basic fonts you use the most often.

Then when you work on a project, create a font package with one of the utilities and load it when you need it only.

Having many fonts you should use such an organiser anyway, it's much easier!

I recommend ATM (Adobe Type Manager), I used to do desktop publishing and that's what we were using in school, iit comes in MAC or Windows flavors... and there's a free version too.


Not all there...
Thanks for all the "healthy" advice. I've reduced my fonts down to a minimally functional level (whoever dies with the most fonts wins, right?), and have put a request into our MIS dept. to order Typograf, which looks like a pretty cool font utility.

For what it's worth, I also added AdAware to my system and discovered that the Spy Sweeper program I am forced to use wasn't catching everything, and now my system's running even better.

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