Would you like an NTFS Folding Team.

  • Yes I want to sign up for a NTFS Folding Team.

    Votes: 13 76.5%
  • No, I am not interested in Folding.

    Votes: 4 23.5%

  • Total voters
Are we able to fold for 2 teams as I am currently part of the Rage 3D team
dpr said:
Are we able to fold for 2 teams as I am currently part of the Rage 3D team

unfortunately its gonna be a little complicated :)

if you wish to do that you can fold alternating WU's for each team...

you will have to log in as one team member to complete one work unit and then change for the next and so on...

am trying to get around 20-30 people signed on so we can crunch those work units in no time :D
Well...someone had to ask and it may as well be me....

...what the hell is folding?
the link I have provided explains everything :)

check out the first post...
yipee... we have 7 people so far :)

keep it coming lads... would love to see what sort of interest there is :)

you are one sick woman you know that...

/me takes pictures to use as blackmail @ a future date...

SICK I tell's ya...
You love it!! And would hate me if I were any other way ;)
worked out wot I am going to do, run Folding @ Home for rage 3d on one puter and Folding @ Home for ntfs on one of my other puters :)
funky dredd said:
hmmmm, i need to think of something bigger than a cannon then :p

If you're 'using' a cannon, you must've missed ;)

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