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Folders list to text or excel?


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Does anyone know how to transfer the names of a load of folders into a text file, csv or something similar? Basically, I have all my albums copied onto my computer, and I'd like to keep track of them, but I don't want to write out the names and artists of 400 CDs, so can I use the folder names from the My Music folder to generate a list using some sort of program? Doesn't really matter what kind of file, anything will do.
Thanks in advance, reps to those who can help!


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Use TagScanner 4.9.

Site link - TagScanner 4.9

Download link - Click here

It can do everything you want it to do as far as creating a list and a whole lot more. Anyone who has lots of music will find this program useful for several reasons. It can create lists, rename all or some of your filenames within seconds, etc. A truely great utility. Plus, it's easy to use and free. :)
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I'm not sure it'll do everything you want, but a quick solution would be to run "dir >> folder_list.txt".

This send the output of the dir command to a text file called folder_list.txt. Not very user friendly, but is useful to know.

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