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folder listings question


I have a shortcut (to another subfolder) in a list of folders and with naming in uniform from a->z it appears at the bottom although it starts with "A". When it is in uniform from z->a it appears at the top. Is there a way to change this so the shortcut is at the top with the name of the folders from a to z?


XeoNoX, it is already in that way just doesn't list the shortcut first.
madmatt, its not with the actual desktop though, its in a main folder. I am starting to think its not possible lol. DAMN WINDOWS!


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moooo, Windows uses a file in each customized folder called desktop.ini to save settings into. If you look in your Documents folder you will see a system file called desktop.ini (the same goes for Music, Videos, etc.).

The file is a system file and hidden by default.


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try sorting by "size" then choose "name" again, maybe it will fix it, i think thats happened to me before.

IF that doesnt work go to "tools" "folder options" "view" and click "reset all folders" clock "ok" and then try to sort by name again.

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