Folder & I.E lag



Hi, could anyone help me with this problem.
everytime i open 'my computer', 'my network places', 'my documents', 'recycle bin' and 'internet explorer' it takes forever to open....approx 10-20 secs before it actually opens up or lauches. but when i already have 1 folder open like 'my computer' and i click on the recycle bin icon on the desktop it pops up almost instantaneously.......can't figure out the problem.....
does anyone know whats goin on???
Need your specs.

also have you run a virus checker lately, that's where I would look first.

Has this problem always been there? or just start recently?


Yeah i ran a virus check with Nav2002 and again with NOD32.......they say i don't have a virus.......the problem has only just started in the last few days........

my specs : P4 1.8 GHz, 512Mb ram, 40gig HDD, Geforce 2 mx400, soundblaster live 5.1

it seems as though the problem is getting worse slowly.......each time it takes longer and longer.......sometimes it compromises my cable connection......the problem is starting to spread..... when i open other apps. like virtual dub.....everything practically slows down to a halt.........

hope you can help me out........thanks.:confused:


Did you recently install a popup add killer? I know that when I installled Adsgone I had some wierd stuff like that start happening. You may have to do a system restore to get back to the way it was before you installed it. Good luck



nah i didn't install a popup killer......most recently installed bottler.......a program which logs onto mIRC channels to d/l stuff for ya......not sure if thats the problem.....

but thanks for ya suggestion........
Do you have any mapped drives that point to a location on the net or somewhere else on your network (if applicable)? If so, the act of XP "looking" for this drive may be what is slowing you down.

Just a thought.


Just discovered that if i double click on my computer and then double click immediately after then the folder will open up straight away.......10-20 secs later i get another folder opening p which was the lag from the first time i doubled clicked.......
not sure if this helps but is there a solution for this???

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I reckon this is a bug in xp. Happens to a lot of people for no reason. I find if I start the computer & leave it for a minute or so there is no problem. It only seems to happen when opening programs straight after startup.
I just has this problem too....... nothing a nice format didn't fix hehe :D

Also noticed IE6 started auto switching between windows by itself when loading pages.


I notice this problem with certain folders that I open that have a lot of files in them for instance my music folders and my download folders. AOL folders and my pictures folders take a long time to load, perhaps because its on THUMBNAIL as viewing option. Maybe its time I changed my settings!

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