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hello, im running windows xp prof., and i have a folder that has nothing in it, and ive tried deleteing it everyway there is. ( logged on admin , went in safemode, REAL dos, winxp dos line, reinstalled windows) NOTHING works, if anyone has any suggestions that they think would work, that would be great!! let me know thanks!!

if it helps when i try to delete it, it says
"cannot delete file: cannot read from file or disk"
It looks pretty technical... brrrrr! :p

Let me know if you figure it out and if it works.

im too confused, anyone else have anything i can try???
rotflmao.... Give me a few minutes to read that article and see if I can type out a command line for you.
You never did tell us what the name of the folder was.

It's not X rated is it? Heh heh
kinda hard to troubleshoot if your trying to delete a system folder.
Originally posted by wastingnick
its a folder from my digital camera 12.25.01
Well if the folder name is 12.25.01 then according to the article shouldn't this command work?
reboot and it's gone.
or so the article says
put it in words i understand thanks man!!!!
I can't even put it into words I can understand. I have no idea where this MoveFileEx program is that they describe because it's not even on my hard drive.

I bombed on this one :( . I wish I had the answer for you. There's a few people having this problem and I don't know how to help.
but where do i post it on the txt Wininit.ini, im so clueless , i don't think i understood one word from that document. lol
try a scandisk.. folders/files do that when they have been corrupted.
that was a joke, but i treid it anyways and as soon as i did refresh and went back to the properties "hidden" was unchecked :p

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