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folder content to xml or html

Hey, I'm looking for a program that can take contents of a Folder and produce a xml sheet or a html file out of it. I've been searching around but don't really know what to search for. I've searched for: folder to xml, convert folders to xml, etc. :confused:
I don't quite understand what you mean.
What would the HTML file display? Just a list of all the files in the specified folder?
yes, but if I had a few subfolders, then it will create a "tree."

say I had a folder with 2 subfolders in it. In each subfolder there were 3 files. The program will create a xml file kind of like this:
   <subfolder name="name1">
      <file type="blah" name="blah1" />
      <file type="blah" name="blah2" />
      <file type="blah" name="blah3" />
   <subfolder name="name2">
      <file type="blah" name="blah1" />
      <file type="blah" name="blah2" />
      <file type="blah" name="blah3" />

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See if this is something close to what you want>

See what is inside a folder.

Command Prompt. Navigate to folder. Type....dir> filelist.txt /s (Enter)

File gets saved to that folder. Open file in notepad.


Type Dir /b>C:\list.txt

[include "/s" for sub-directories listing] File ends up in the root of C drive.

[Type Dir /? for more command-line parameters]

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