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Folder and File Security


--== babyface ==--

Hello ... I have a PC currenty installed with Windows XP, and a hard disk with the size of 40GB which I partitioned into 2, the primary and secondary. The primary is used to store programs and the OS, while the secondary partition is used to store my important data files.

Unfortunately, there are some files and folders which I need to set the security to be accessible only by myself as there are other users in this computer too, but a right click on the folder and files on the properties only reveal General, Sharing, and Customize. There is no security tab ..?? :rolleyes:

This partition is formatted under NTFS system just as the primary partition. I realize even the primary folder does not have security tab. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and where has my security tab gone to? How do I retrieve it back please? :happy:

Thank you.

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