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Foam head on beer. Serious problem!

Serious Problem: -

How do you pour a glass of (cold) beer without a massive head of foam? This seems to be becoming a daily occurrence.

And why does it go flat before you have drunk same?


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Actually you want to have a little head (lol and who doesn't?) as this helps release a few gas bubbles unto the atmosphere before they get filtered through your digestive system. Pour the first two inches of beer slowly onto the side of a tilted glass as J suggests then plop the rest down the center; this will leave you plenty of bubbs in the beer.
Re: Re: Foam head on beer. Serious problem!

Originally posted by damnyank
Because you are not drinking it fast enough!:D
Believe me I can drink fast. I notice that on my favourite glass a little emblem on the inside of the base appears to produce “bubbles”. I dropped this glass last week, could this have anything to do with it?


Originally posted by Jewelzz
I used to tend bar, I never had a complaint about flat beer. Guess I'm that good :p

Jewelzz gives good head hahahah ;) (the beer that is)

Poor slowly first then fast... mmm... thats the way the ladies love it ;)

I used to work in a Bar also. Cowboys are always good =)... mmm... butter scotch... mmmm.....


If its your own glass then try not to wash it with soapy water. It stops bubbles occuring. Just give it a good rinse with hot water.

As for the reason behind the head. When you poor, the beer creates swirls (under currents) in the glass and this mixes any remnants of yeast together thus creating the froth. If you poor slowly the swirl is no where near as harsh as a fast poor. (just have a look next time u poor a beer)


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1) get a clean smooth glass
2) get a carlsburg (my fav)
3) open beer
4) tilt the glass 45 degrees
5) slowly tilt the beer so it runs against the side off the glass from the very top.
6) when the beer in the glass fills up so it's about 2 flow out were the can + the glass join tilt the glass upright + pour rest of beer from a height of aprox 5cm.
7) drink and repeat from step 2

it should take about 30 seconds 2 pour it.


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