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flyakite osc pack! wont work


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i am trying to install this osx pack FlyakiteSP15.1

during install i got a windows protection diaglog boxed asking me to insert my windows disk to replace the files i clicked cancel to keep the files the installer added. after restart nothing had changed except the messenger skin.

second install seems to have added a few icons but nothing more.

any help appreciated.


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From the author:
NOTE: If after installation nothing seems to have changed on your system, reboot into safe-mode and install that way.

Have you tried doing that yet?


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actually.... i think doing that only increases the problem. lol

i tried the same pack. first install changed just about nothing. restarted into safe mode, installed, restarted, couldn't boot. then formatted, and downloaded objectbar and some other stuff and now i can have my XP look like a MAC without the fanmade system file alterations. Truthfully, i don't even use the Mac like objectbar. i personally like the one i'm using now. quite fun and no annoying taskbar. When it autohides, all you see is the part that says Menu Bar (or whatever else u want it to be called). if it's at the top or sides and autohides, all you see is a very VERY skinny blue line at the edge of the screen. heavily customizable too. :)

HERE is a screenshot of my current desktop.


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Well, I've never tried the pack so I know little about it other than what I read from the author's page. You didn't need to format though, because he gives this instruction in the case where you can't boot up.

In the very, very unlikely event that you can not get into Windows after restart, use your XP cd to boot up into the recovery console. Once in the recovery console use these commands:

If you installed FlyakiteSP1 v5.1 and cannot boot into Windows type: *BATCH RestoreSystem.txt

If you uninstalled FlyakiteSP v5.1 and cannot boot into Windows type: *BATCH RestoreSystem2.txt

I guess you experienced that "very, very unlikely event." ;)


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yeah, but i was due for a format anyway.......... kinda. also didn't remember what was mentioned to do, and didn't feel like searchin for it on the laptop.

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