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floppy drive ?

when i put in a floppy disc ,i get the message ,please insert a
disc in drive A ,i know there is data on the disc ,but for some reason it won't recognize that a disc is in the drive.
any suggestions please


Computer Genius
does the disk work in other computers? do other disks work in this drive?

if no disks work in this drive, try this drive in another computer with the same disks. if that doesn't work, your drive is dead.
Possibilities, these have all happened to me:

Check if the write protect tab is set to protect. If it is the comp could be trying to write to disk and failing. Possible virus if you did not command a write.

The floppy drives sometimes become mis-aligned. You may need to loosen the mounting screws on the drive and realign it in the case. I have one that does this sometimes.

If it's an old floppy drive it may have dust in it obscuring the sensor. Blow it out with compressed electronics duster.

Back to bad alignment in the drive. Jiggle the floppy, pop it out and back in a few times etc.

With power off, check the seating of the floppy drive ribbon and power cable on both ends.

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