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Floppy Drive letter, how can i change it



I had an ls120 drive attached to my computer which i removed a few days after installing XP. it was drive letter a: and my 1.44 floppy drive was letter b:
After removing the ls120 my floppy is still letter b: and i would like to have it as drive letter a: but i cant seem to find a place to change this
In bios there should be an option to flop them around, give that a tick and see if it straightens it out. You might go ahead a say "none" on one boot, and then re-enable it on the next so XP can pick it back up again. Don't know if any of that will work, well the Flopping them should, but it's stuff i'd try.


Yes it is pretty much what you posted you led me in the right direction BUT it just didnt work!!!!!!! Using the method to RENAME did. Just wanted to let you and everyone else know.

Sorry if i seemed to upset you, about what i found just trying to give out as much help as possible..



Easy to change drive letters in Admin Tools, Disk management, but floppies seem more difficult judging from the posts.
If that does not work, check BIOS again. A setting often called "Disk Swap" has nothing to do with swap file, but changing A to B or vice versa.

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