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floppy drive acting up.. HELP!

Everytime my computer opens/moves/creates/closes/ect anything(!) the a drive (3.5 floppy) acts up, and sounds like its acting like my C drive (20gig hard drive).

whats my problem??? (it just started doing this randomly today)

i restarted already, but didnt fix it.

HELP!! thanks guys


The One and Only
that sort of happens with me too, on occasion. I think it's cause some programs/files/etc... have references to the floppy drive. I'm pretty sure that if you have norton antivirus installed, it will access the floppy drive when you reboot, but not sure about other times. you actually can disable the floppy drive in the hardware manager then enable it again when you need it. but do that only as a last resort. get's to be a bit of a pain if you're in a hurry.

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