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Floppy A, Feature of busted hardware?


Nissan Powered
I noticed on my pc that if I save something to my floppy or even put one in and look whats on it after I eject the disk and refresh the window I can still open files that where on the disk. If I leave it alone for about 5 minutes or so the drive goes blank again. and I can no longer acess the files, is this a windows xp feature? or is my floppy drive going crazy? (and taking me with it)


Nissan Powered
I was thinking windows makes a temp. image of the floppy so you have fast access when using it?maybe streams the info back into the floppy while your doing something else............. I dunno maybe I am crazy........ lack of "quality time" maybe??
Really strange. Mine never did that. Shouldn't be a hardware problem. Can you alter/copy the files after the disk is out?

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