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Flashing intel bios problem....

Please help me. I went to intel.com and decided to update some drivers and such for my desktop. one of them was to flash my bios. I pressed on the program and it restarted my computer updating stuff in bios. after it was done it restarted my computer again but now nothing happens. I turn on my computer and it starts up but NOTHING is shown on my screen. nothing.. its black.. the computer starts up and doesnt even beep. just sits there. i see lights on my motherboard and such bit nothing. how can i fix this?


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wait.. do you have an intel motherboard? was the bios u downloaded made for that exact model?

if it was a wrong one, u may have ruined ur mb


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Assuming it is the correct BIOS for your motherboard - check if they also have a FDD version. Download it from another computer and put it onto a floppy. Boot to the floppy, try the upgrade again. Something appears to have not gone right with your previous upgrade attempt.
Tried all of that. Nothing. I just went and got a new motherboard. Works fine now. It was the same model bios that I downloaded. I tried the cmos and the recovery bios but the problem was that i was getting no signal at all to the monitor.
My uncle had a similar problem about 2 weeks ago. He would press power, and it looked like it powered up but no signal on the monitor. Basically I unhooked everything, and tried booting with just the monitor attached, worked fine. Hooked up one thing at a time and everything worked. No idea what the problem was, for some reason it worked.

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