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12 Apr 2002
newbie question. Can't seem to figure out how to make a bootable floppy to flash an ASUS K8V Deluxe motherboard with the latest bios kv1005. Can anyone show me how to make one. I downloaded the zip file from asus support and copied it to disk but my machine won't boot from the floppy (even though I set my bios to boot from the floppy first).

The bios 10.01 is too old to use the afudos utility. Can't seem to figure this out.
you dont want a bootable floppy, hit Alt+F2 to go to ASUS's EZFalsh utility. [at least that is what it is here]. Then just follow the directions, write down the filename, something like for me with an ASUS P4PE, p4pe1007.awd
I used the EZ Flash Utility (alt+f2) but it said can't read floppy and then I restarted my machine. Now it's unbootable. This statement from the ASUS site sums up what happened to me. Is there anything I can do to get the board to post again?

"Be advised that flashing your BIOS is a risky procedure and should ONLY be done if necessary. If something fails during the flash, DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR MACHINE. Doing so will render your machine un-bootable."

Now what do I do? ..help
did u get a cd with your motherboard called ASUS CrashFree BIOS2 just boot with that cd should fix your problem..
pc won't boot at all. I just hear fans whirring.. no beeps or anything.
send it back, if it crapped out halfway through the upgrade, your screwed. worst luck, i though asus had a utility for those mobo's to flash the bios from windows, my a7v8x does.
Odds are the Bios is trashed. Slim chance a CMOS reset might bring it back to a bootable state but unlikely.

Most likely it's RMA time to ASUS to see if they can reload the bios.

You have to unzip the bootable floppy files to your hard disk then run the setup file that is in the unzipped files. It will create a floppy for you.
GoNz0 said:
[...] i though asus had a utility for those mobo's to flash the bios from windows, my a7v8x does.

Yes, it's AsusUpdate, I always flash my mobo (A7v600) from Windows and did the same for my previous mobos (A7v333, and maybe also P3v4x before, but not sure for that one (maybe I used a floppy then...)).
Thanks for the advice all.. I sent the mobo back for a replacement - will rebuild it again this weekend.
I would always suggest making sure you know 100% what your doing before you try to flash anything .. especially something as important to your system as your bios.

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