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aka prodj88 =P
2 Jul 2002
HI, I'm kinda new at using flash for website design, I usually just use it for simple things like sigs and etc. Can anyone give me links to sites with free flash templates for a site? I'm kinda trying to create one that looks like this...


It shouldn't be so hard b/c the people who designed it are like 16 years old like me
You'll get replies from people saying flash is crap and they don't like it.
Don't listen to them prodj88.....If you wanna use it,you use it.
I think it looks good :D
Evil Marge said:
You'll get replies from people saying flash is crap and they don't like it.

Flash is where it's at ... especially in MX - MX2004, there are so many groovy little intricacies like server database interaction, XML integration, and literally limitless artistic possibilities [especially if you are jedi with the rediculously-easy-to-learn scripting language (actionscript)]

/goes off to sign advertising deal with Macromedia :cool:
Yep,there's some amazing sites with flash out there.
Wish i could use it :D

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