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Flash Video Player

Ok, so I'm building this site for a comedian and he wants to have video downloads (prefereably streaming but we don't have flash media server so he'll have to deal with incremental downloads)

Anyhow . . . I'd like some sort of "player" look to the site's video section. Is there anything prebuilt out there that I could just customize? How would you guys recommend implementing this? Ideally, once on the video section of the site the look will stay the same with only the video in the center changing . . . and ads around the video in some sort of "smooth" presentation.


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If you have Dreamweaver, in the flash menu, you can build a flash player, it has easy step by step instructions. When it is finished, it provides you with the code, which u place on your website.
Well, at least it is easy enough to do with Dreamweaver already made a quick preview.

Hopeing for something more like links to one side, ads on another and the links swap out the video . . . like a "player" that plays more than one video. Trying to save time but I can just create a bunch of pages, not a big deal.

If anyone has any ideas let me know. I guess I could code it up in PHP but I don't really have the time to figure out how to integrate that . . . maybe its not too hard.


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Well, you don't really have to make a bunch of pages, just make each video how u want it, and place them all on the same page, cause with the Dreamweaver flash stuff, it has the option to load stoped, untill the person clicks play.
Nope that won't work as he's looking for a professional presentation like at emptynoggin dot com.

Don't mind making a bunch of pages that look the same except for the video . . . just a pain and a bit tedious lol

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