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flash template problemo!

i have a flash template...

the combo is like this..
.SWF file
HTML file
TXT folder (filled with 6txts)

i uploaded this as is to my web host. when i viewed it the Flash was there but like all empty. none of the links i made was there. but on my computer when i open it up it has everything. am i uploading it wrong or something...?
geocities does flash and like i said. the flash does load but doesn't have the text i saved. but when i do it from my computer then i can see the text so i don't know why online its diff. i copied everying right i think
The host doesn't need to support flash files except not to actively block .swf files. Did you upload them with FTP? If so, did you upload as Binary or ASCII? HTML and TXT should go as ASCII, Flash files and images must go as Binary.

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