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13 Jan 2002
i suck at flash, i need to help my sister for their company they have a flash file (it was protected) i unprotected it and just need to edit some phone numbers in it. when i convert it to a fla file, all the text goes crazy so i just need someone who is a flash guru to edit it for me with the correct info please. ive included everything i think you would need (including the protected file incase i did something wrong) and you will need a font its in there as a zip, the only text that needs to be changed is when u click on contacts, thanks in advance and huge kudos who whoever can do this

if you need any other info please dont hesitate to ask me!:nervous:


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anyone? i hate to be a pain in the ass, but i really need this one!:(
U need to supply the FLA file for the SWF's, then i may be able to do it. Oh and the rar file has corrupt file headers!
as far as the rar goes, everything is working, and the fla i made from converting the swf, so i dont know how well that will work

EDIT: I will also try posting it on a flash forum and let you guys know what happens
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if u want to edit the swf tho u will need the fla to easily do it. is it corrupting the text because you havent broke apart the text? Do it twice on the text to make it all symbols then the font issue wont be a problem
ok see the thing is i dont have the original fla file it was made by another person that i don't know, thats why its a problem, and what do you mean do it twice?
if worst comes to worst ill just redo the whole thing in swish, is there an easy way to pull the text at least and pics rather than eyeballing the text and typing it in?
without the fla u are gonna have problems. there is software out there that can recompile a swf back into a fla but iv never used and dont know what its called etc. the swf is a self contained export from the fla, so all the text and pics etc are gonna need to be redone im affraid, no way of working backwards. iv never used swish but i think u may struggle to get it to look the same, carnt you download a 30 day trial or somethin to just get it done?? then maybe get a taste for it and then purchase the full thing? i dont know, im just tryin to think of the best way for ya..
well thats the thing, i already tried to convert it back to fla and thats what happens to the text, thats why i was wonderinf if anyone knows how to fix it, as far as doing it again in swish it doesnt have to be exactly the same, thats even better a change u know to keep it fresh, but it would take some time which is ok with me, as long as it looks good, which is much easier in swish, btw thanks for your help, so its not possible to work backwards? if you want i can convert to fla and give u it and see what u can do with it?
no u carnt work backwards. the fla file holds all the layers and information in an editable form. if u open the swf u wont be able to do anythin, coz thats like the finished published thing. U wont be able to convert it into an ediatavle fla. Your best bet is that software that can like crack the swf, or even easier is just do it ur self. Looks like an easy design to do. www.flashkit.com will help with coding and stuff along with design ideas

alright im just redoing it all from scratch in swish, about half way done i guess.

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