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Flash BIOS (ALT F2) method

I flashed my BIOS (Alt F2 method) with the latest update and during the course of the flash the MB re-booted before the flash was complete. I’ve done this a few times before (using the boot floppy method) with the same system with no problems. On inspection the BIOS chip is blank apart from the boot from floppy section (emergency BIOS load). Instructions from the board (EPOX 8KHA+) manufacturer suggest using a non-accelerated graphics card but this did not work either even using the specially supplied Autoexec.bat file to provide the necessary keyboard inputs without being able to see anything on the monitor.

I have had to order a new BIOS chip from the importers, but the question is this. Is there any known problem with this motherboard and the inbuilt ALT F2 method of BIOS flashing that anyone knows about?
I've tried flashing with the original supplied version and all versions in-between. They appear to work (I have no display and have to listen to the floppy drive) but on re-boot no BIOS. Just one long beep, two short beeps (graphics card) and what sounds like a low pitched gotcha!. Could this be a virus I'm wondering?
Could be but the machine I'm using to talk to you at the moment has checked the disk with no problems found. However the disk was formated using XP and it took ages, this machine is WIN 98 don't know if this would make any difference though.
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Yes I've two identical floppy's for this purpose. Iv'e just checked with Norton (original disk) which tells me it's full of errors. As is the other. How the hell could this happen in less than a month?

Thsnks Catch23. It the simple things we miss.


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scary indeed... hehe i wonder if u freeze them in an air tight bag they will hold data longer.. like BREAD!!!!!

... i know it is late dont mind me...

.... i am gunna put a pic one one and freeze it and take it out next summer!!! what a trial!

wish me luck...

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