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Flash Actionscript: launch Prog from flash?

is it possible to launch a program via flash?

I have tried to do it using getURL(), but instead of launching the program, it opens the web browser and thinks the .exe is a download, and brings up the download prompt (which I suppose it should)

so just wondering if it was possible for flash to launch an .exe


are you talking about flashget or macromedia flash ?? You can launch a prog from both, with flashget you don't need an action script ..
talkin about good ol Macromedia Flash (MX)...

and I suppose I could attempt to do something with java, but Im not as fluent with that as I am AS, and I would like to keep it as contained and non messy as possible
Un4gIvEn1... many thanks.. within ten seconds of going to actionscript.org, I found my answer, and as I was hoping, it doesnt take much:

On (Release){
FS Command ("exec", "Test1.exe")}

only problem is that since this is an FS command... it can only be executed by a projector file (export the movie to .exe) I will keep on looking, and keep on taking suggestions, thank you all much... if I find an answer, Ill stick it in here in case someone searches for it later (pfff...lol)

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