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(FL, USA) Chaintech 5200 for sale


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xsivforce said:
Nice! I wonder what the reserve is on it.

I would guess anywhere between $40.00 to $45.00 (maybe $50.00, but that's like if it was only a few weeks old). they go for about $60.00 to $65.00 new.

I have one. :)


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are you guys on crack, i know its an ok card but "NICE" and "i have one" like your serious don't go together here haha (i never was a good salesman), the reserve is only $20, its practically brand new, well new as in i never used it but for a few times. go ahead and bid if you want.


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ok well let me know, haven't checked on it this morning, but i didn't have any bids last night. I'll sell it straight away for $50 or you can just bid and see what its costs.


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Ok well the **** on ebay who won made up some excuse my paypal doesn't work, so this is up for grabs again, i'll sell it now for $50 including shipping within the states and or $60 outside the states.

let me know.
Yeah, I bought one at xmas for the wife and only paid like $39 after rebate.

Have to check out the 9200's at office depot, good (adequate) emergency backup. Thanks Sheps.


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hey, lancer you ever plan on shipping me the card or are you going to keep my money? florida laws are very strict on fraud. don't make me press charges. you have in till the 24th of june to make good or you'll go to jail.

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