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fixing movies


The One and Only
Ok, some home :) movies that i download will not have both the movie and the audio in sync with each other (like the sound will start playing, then the movie plays anywhere from 5-10 seconds behind the audio). is there any program that can fix this problem?
This thread will probably get closed...but, anyway, download Nimo codec pack and restart PC. If it's out of sync, it was made poorly by whoever ripped it.


The One and Only
haven't tryed real player or quicktime yet. don't really like real player and quicktime is givin me trouble at the moment.

Also, i don't see why the thread would get closed. it's not talking about the software used to get the episodes (which is exactly what i'm talking about, TV show episode, not a movie that is not out yet)

And while i'm at it, is that new Zoom player they have in the software section a replacement for QuickTime?


Nissan Powered
use virtualdub to resynch the sound and video, if in fact it is out of synch and its just not your pc laggin behind. I noticed this problem on a PII 300 while watching divx movies. turned out to just be the computer but you can give virtualdub a try.

http://www.virtualdub.org/ ;)

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