[FIXED]Wireless networking problem

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12 Apr 2002
Wireless networking problem

Ok... we had another lad move into one of the spare rooms in our house (my friends place... renting room from him)

we have a wireless LAN setup in the place.... dlink DI-614 router with 2 DLW-520 (it is the D version)wireless pci cards... I plug directly into the router so i am the only one non-wireless...

me and the guy that owns the place had no issues whatsoever with our setup... one wireless and one wired rig into the router... no problems whatsoever... he had a weak signal but thats coz he sits @ the other end of the house... we resolved that by moving the router out of my room to the living room area (right next to the couch...signal strength went up 50%)

anyways.. the ISSUE we are having is with the other bloke who's moved in... he got the same wireless card and connected... it connects to the router fine as it is supposed to... the problem occurs when he tries to go online...

he can't connect and for a reason I am unable to fathom... I get disconnected and have to reset the router (and for kicks the modem too) and everything is fine on my rig again..

my other room-mate (who owns the house) does not suffer any connectivity issues... I have to reboot in order to get back on the internet (ipconfig release/renew and any other thing I try w/o rebooting does not work for whatever reason when my 2nd room mate tries to connect)

any advice on what I can do would be greatly appreciated... thanks :)
First off, check if he is not jacking your IP, or the WAP's or the routers IP.

Basically, set all PC's to DHCP, or all to static IP's, and make sure no PC has the same IP as the other.

Also, it is weird you get knocked off line, looks like a router problem.
its a 4 port router and afaik I am doing everything to make sure everyone has their own connection...

afaik all the pc's have a different IP...

whats more weird is that everything WAS working fine when I cleaned up the setup a coupla days ago... everything was working perfectly fine... NOW otoh it seems all buggered :(

what irks me is that both pc's (my 2 room-mates) are wireless and one of them has no problems while the other is causing problems... :confused:

I'll look up some more info (ie drivers and stuff) but if anyone else wants to post any other suggestions while X gets his Z's please feel free...

ta X btw :)
check to see if the new guy has UPnP (Univeral Ply and Play ~ used for the discovery of networking devices) installed. It could be the prob, I kno it was messing my router up. If its installed, disable it. Besides UPnP is a sercutiy vulnerability. Run this app and it will let you kno:

I'll give it a look/see when I get back home later :)

Is there the possibility that the other guy needs to run network setup wizard so that windows has full access to the network?

I had this problem when I first installed my own network, also as make sure that the router automatically assigns the IPs to each computer (or manually set up the IPs, DCHP on each machine).

problem fixed...

I said sod it... formatted the rig and all is well... I am assuming there were some registry edits vis a vis tcp/ip that were buggering things coz now everything is just peachy :)

thanks for your help people... appreciated...
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