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[FIXED] Radeon 9700 DVI output?


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Background to this is here ...

Now the tech support guy from AOC, suppliers of my TFT, are at the point they are prepared to do an on-site replacement :cool:

Thing is I want to be sure first that this will give me DVI before I do it - soooo I have an ATI Sapphire 9700 pro from Crucial in there - can anyone confirm that it would be pumping out both the DVI and the Analog signals at once and that there is no configuration needed?

I actually bought it from another OSNN member (Teddy) so he might even know, or anyone?

I'll try to google up manual and work it out myself, but if anyone could tell me it would be appreciated. Also is there any chance my card has dropped the DVI output? I'd have thought if it is giving VGA then DVI would also be there, but I am no expert here (symptoms = unplug VGA lead, leaving just DVI in place and monitor reports, no signal).


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
LOL just fixed it myself! ALT f5! turned on my DVI - ahh nice and crisp andno need to ask the nice AOC men to come and take it away! :cool: ;) :) lol


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good to know...

I'm gonna change the title to [FIXED] for the interim unless you have any other problems :)

now go and enjoy the product lol...

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