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Fix for Outlook/Express slow start in here



If you disabled Windows Messenger and now Outlook and Outlook Express start really slow here's how to fix them both:

Outlook - Just go into Tools>Options>Other and uncheck "Enable Windows Messenger"

Outlook Express - Use this registry hack:
Open up regedit (Start>Run>regedit) and search for the string {FB7199AB-79BF-11D2-8D94-0000F875C541} and modify the keys InProc32 and LocalServer32 default key to a empty string. After a reboot, Outlook Express will start up as fast as possible.

Thanks to Kylie for the registry hack.


Slow Response Outlook & Outlook Express

This proved to work for me. I had two accounts. First account was okay. Second account, you had to wait 90 seconds for Outlook or Outlook Express splash screen to disappear.
Messenger is the problem.
To resolve the issue for Outlook all you need to do is to disble Messenger in Outlook under the Options tab.
For Outlook Express uyou have two choices depending on how you set the second account up.
You can live with the slow response or you can install Messenger, no account, and run it as a service.
If you do do not have access to Messenger as was my case for the second account, you will have to delete the user account and re-establish ensuring that you set up Messenger.
Once completed....everything works.

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