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a man on the river bank is catching lots of salmon, he is using bait,another man is watching him on the opposite side of the river.as he is watching the fisherman puts his hand into a bag and regularly pulls something out, sniffs it briefly ,puts it on the end of the hook and procedes to catch a salmon.the man ,intrigued at this crosses over and procedes to ask the fisherman what he is using. the fisherman replies that he is using fanny lips, he explains that they are the best lure for male salmon,okay says the man but i noticed that once in a while when you take one out of the bag to put in onto your hook that you sniff it but throw it away why is that.well says the fisherman my brother works in a morgue and that is where he gets the fanny lips from but he is a bit of a joker and occasionally throws in an arsehole..........:p

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