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First Post: Help Needed



Overall I have actually enjoyed Windows XP (Home Edition)

I currently am still functional with a few minor irritations

First of all does anyone know what "wo1.exe" is? I get an error box stating that "wo1.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close, sorry for the etc. ... error report etc. This message pops up at intermittant levels ranging frm every hour or so to every 30 seconds or so repeatedly.

My other issue(s) is after 2 Reinstalls of the operating system (One standard reinstall and One full format of Drive C.) Some basic Windows Applications will not function and/or launch. Upon attempting to launch them I recieve the error:
"[application] is not a valid Win32 application."
Just to name a couple:
- mmc.exe
- services
These are not foreign applications by any means,
(mmc.exe is the Device Manager for those who don't know)
I've tryed reinstalling the OS more recently with no effect on these problems.

Any help, insights, theories etc are appriciated.

My System Specs Are as follows if they help:

Windows XP Home Edition - build 2600
Intel Pentuim 4 @ 1.6 ghz
256mb Rambus Memory
Elsa Gladiac 920 (GeForce 3 chipset)
40GB hd
Internal Iomega Jaz 1GB
Pioneer DVD-ROM
TEAC CD-W524E CD Burner



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