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Has there been any major developments over the last 4 years with firewire capture cards, or are they still pretty much the same? The reason I ask is I need to update my old Pinnacle Studio DV Plus sofware (which came with firewire card), and was looking at the new Version 9 - which comes a lot cheaper with only the software. It seems silly buying another card if the old one will do....


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you are still looking at the same Firewire, the 2 standard is not out yet, or at least I have not seen it. Updating Pinnacle is different matter, over here in the states i think i'm going to wait for the rebate offer to kick in and then i'll update my Pinnacle studio to 9.
My motherboard has support for the new firewire standard (IEEE1394b) which differs from the original firewire (IEEE1394a) as it has a maximum throughput speed of 800 megabit, twice as fast as the normal 400 megabit.
I wouldn't let this concern you tho because I haven't really seen any products that take advantage of the extra bandwidth and even so everything you'll probably want to use will work just fine with the speed of normal firewire.
You'd also need a digital video camera or other external device made especially for the new standard to take advantage of it in any way.


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