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Hi all,

I installed a firewirecard for video editing, but in XP the card sometimes shows up as installed and working :
OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controler
and sometimes its marked with a yellow exclanation mark. Rebooting usualy fixes that. I already tried another PCI slot but no change. (With WIN98SE everything worked fine.)
It also installs as a 1394 network card, is this right?If so what settings should I use.

Thanks for any help
Do you have the latest drivers or the Windows built-in? The Firewire will show up as a network device. Don't worry about it.
it will show up as a host adapter just as usb ports show up as
USB Universal Host Controller

and fire-wire can be used as a network device by itself so yea it will prob see it and set it up as that too. just right click and disable that in network adapters if you don't like

id see if you can get latest driver for xp first to solve problem


OK, I understand that it will show up as a network card, but my other problem still remains (yellow mark). What I find strange is that I sometimes get that mark. After rebooting it is usually fixed and installed ok. So the drivers must be present in the OS.
I noticed that the card shares an IRQ with my soundcard, but there is no way to change that.
Did I mention it's a Pinnacle card, came with Studio DV clip.
Any other suggestions?
as i said disable it under nic cards, it might be trying to load that driver before the card driver is actually set up... thus the yellow bang..... cant hurt to try ive seen similar things happen


Thanks for your responds, but I already tried that and was looking good but when I booted this morning the same thing occured, rebooted and everything is fine. It really is driving me crazy.

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