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Firewire Networking


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Hey guys (and girls), would anyone mind helping me out with a little bit of a problem here?

I'm having a PC and a laptop, connected to each other with a Firewire cable. Couple of weeks back, both machines were able to communicate with each other, transfer files, the whole deal.

Rather strangely, they refused to maintain a network connection only yesterday. The network connection would last for only a couple of seconds before going down again. Pinging proved this. In any case, I disabled and re-enabled the network connections, but nothing happened. Both connections are up but they just don't seem to able to ping the other IP.

IP Address:
Workgroup: Earth
OS: Windows XP Pro OEM

IP Address:
Workgroup: Earth
OS: Windows XP Pro OEM

Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this? Thanks!

P.S. Both are freshly formatted machines.


Computer Genius
turn off both machines. with the firewire cable connected to both machines, turn on the PC. when it's fully booted, turn on the laptop.

still not working?


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Well in my experience, firewire networks don't work to well. I don't use them now, but I have done in the past. Sometimes I found that they worked, other times they didn't. I kept having to unplug the cable from both computers and reconnect it until it started working.

In response to your questions, when you view the settings for the connection, you should get shown a list of IP addresses etc (not <unavailable>). This means that something is wrong and the network won't work. The connection should also show up in ipconfig /all.

I can't really suggest much apart from unplugging the cable then reconnecting. There is a piece of software (called something like Firenet I think) which makes the Firewire connection seem like a standard ethernet connection to the OS, and this may work better, although I've not tried it myself.


OSNN One Post Wonder
cpugeniusmv said:
you don't happen to have another firewire cable, do you?
I do have another Firewire cable, but that's used for syncing my iPod with my lappy or PC.

I just don't understand why this thing suddenly refused to work for no reason.

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