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18 Dec 2001
I was looking around on Newegg's website and I came across a pretty cool device:

It's an adapter and PCI card that attaches to your IDE hard drive. It came with two IEEE1394 6-pin "keys". Basically, you had to have one of the keys plugged into the PCI card it comes with to unlock the PC to use the drive it's connected to. It's a really cool security setup, but I have a problem:

I can't remember what it's called, who made it, anything! I've tried searching all over the place for it, and I've come up empty. Can anyone help me out here? Much appreciated if you can!

I first come across such a device when I was considering a motherboard for my new 64-bit setup. Such a device is included with the Abit (IC7-MAX3) motherboard, however a lot of the reading I have done tends to reduce the appeal that the device initially has. Here's a link with a few pics of Abit's "Secure ID" which is probably what you are searching for or very similar.

Consider that you have to have the "key" plugged in at all times while the computer is powered... there's no pull the key out and your computer locks awaiting your turn. If the computer cannot access the hard-drive due to you pulling out the encryption key it'll probably crash very quickly. I also read in one review which suggested that if for any reason the device malfunctions or stops working you have completely lost everything on your drive. You cannot replace the device with a working version as the encryption keys would be different. Also one suggested that it would actually be an amusing prank not to steal someone's computer but just to steal their encryption keys. Still, it may come in handy for some people. I often leave my computer on while I'm not near (thus requiring the key to be left in) so it probably wouldn't help me any.


I see.

Thanks for the info and the mini-review, patrick. I didn't know some of that info, and it's good info to have for something like this! I'll still keep it in mind for some things, but I may have to set it to the back-burner for now. :)


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