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Firewire camcorder doesnt work


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Hi Everyone

I got one of those movie cameras that take the digital tapes and that has a firewire output so you can hook it up to a pc and transfer the video onto a PC, on a normal XP Pro machine on a administrator account it works fine, on a limited account it detects it allows you to control it through the pc for about a minute if you are lucky and then doesn't recognise it untill you reconnect it in again

if i use it at a mates place it all works fine, any ideas as to why this happens, ive tried formatting, reinstalling, updating every piece of software on my pc to no avail

anyone got any ideas to try? thanks Daniel


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
this does sound weird - I have similar cam and have used firewire no problems in past. the weird part is that it works and then stops.... is this purely a timeout issue, or could it be to do with data transferred? I am wondering if there is something behind the scenes you are not finding that is the root cause so do take a look at event viewer for anything logged....

You say you updated everything - is this down to BIOS level? Because that may be where your firrewire drivers are - also i presume you have checked your cam manufacturers site for any updates? Tried with any different apps to control the cam, or are you using the native XP?

The only other thing that springs to mind is that cam is going into power save mode, but it should not do that and that is too obvious.... I guess?

One last thought - is there a USB option (yeah I know it is inferior) because it might tell us a lot if you could try that and problem went away (or not).

Also - whilst I am no expert - post back with your mobo and chipset, others may know of firewire issues there if any... And maybe the cam make model could be helpful incase anyone has the same....


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updated everything from bios upwards!, doesnt matter if i use the software that comes with xp or any other 3rd party software it doesnt matter one min the cams there next min it aint, the cam will work on any other pc except for this lab of them, cant try usb coz got no cable for it :( one of the pcs have the 875 and another has the 915 off the top of my head will have to find out specs later wen im bak there

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