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Firewalls that Block ADs???

I'm currently using OP 2.1 and the ad blocker works quite well.

However, I sometimes have to refresh a webpage for it to block an ad, any suggestions as to why it doesn't block it when the page loads?

What other firewalls offer ad blocking and do they allow you to custom which ads are blocked as OP 2.1 does allow you to add to it the list of ads blocked?
_kC_ said:
get a good hosts file which blocks most ads, use firefox as your browser, with adblock addon
I have SuperTrick XG 1.6 installed but I am not sure how to add to the existing file, can someone help?

Can it block ADs by certain words? For example with the AdBlock extension in FireFox I can specify certain words contained in an AD URL string and block it. Likewise with my firewall OP 2.1. By this I mean, can the HOSTS file block "/banners/" without the quotes.

Is a good HOSTS file capable of blocking ADs of any kind no matter what the program being used is? For example, can the HOSTS file be set to block Chat ADs displayed in Yahoo! while at the same time no matter what browser I use it will block the ADs specified?

The reason I ask this is because I know that certain AD Blocking programs will only Block Ads through IE when running.


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as kc said get a good hosts file, and just make sure some of the sites u browse arent on there so it doesnt allow u to go to them like some pr0n sites lol. thats the best free way and most effiecnt built into windows

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